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Tom Skerrit’s Heyou Media in Seattle and  MinersINC are pleased to announce their new partnership kicking off later this summer for India’s vast entertainment market.  Heyou Media—the digital media firm founded by actor-writer-director Tom Skerritt—will be distributing its episodic short-form storytelling content on MinersINC’s new curated VOD film platform ‘myNK’ -- India’s first blockchain-powered entertainment ecosystem.


Doug Shinsato, Heyou’s CEO, said, “India is one of the world’s two largest entertainment markets.  With over 1.3 billion people, India represents a huge opportunity. Heyou chose to team up with MinersINC because of their strong leadership in technology, marketing and content curation.  Viewers will be rewarded for their contributions, reviews, recommendations and onward-selling (micro-distribution) to other film buffs on the myNK platform. We are very excited about this beautiful partnership.”


Nitin Narkhede, MinersINC’s Founder and CEO, stated “With blockchain as a foundation technology to protect against piracy and provide transparent reporting to rightsholders, combined with our  business model that stimulates and rewards fan-base engagement, we are paving the way for the future of organized entertainment in India.”


On the creative side, myNK is mentored and co-curated by acclaimed Indian filmmaker/director, Anurag Kashyap.  Anurag has won multiple international awards, and most recently is the director of Netflix’s first Indian Original Series, Sacred Games.



About Heyou Media:  Based in Seattle but with staff and colleagues in North America, Asia, Europe and now India, Heyou is the brainchild of Tom Skerritt (MASH, Alien, Top Gun and many other well-known films).  He has always believed that engaging story-telling should be the key focus of visual entertainment.  

For the past 100 years, Hollywood and Bollywood have dictated the business model for production and distribution.  With the emergence of digital technologies (especially in the form of the Smart Phone) how people view entertainment has changed dramatically.  With a continuing focus on story-telling, Heyou develops and curates engaging short-form productions. www.heyoumedia.com


About MinersINC:  MinersINC is a blockchain-powered P2P platform that uses the transformative power of Blockchain Technology to connect rights-holders with consumers.  myNK, the flagship mobile VOD app, is an entertainment ecosystem that empowers rights- holders, enables and rewards entertainment junkies and consumers, and addresses some major gaps in India’s entertainment industry.  The platform will deploy a community-driven approach for offerings in movies and music, enabling rewarding interactions between the right-holders and their target audiences. www.minersinc.io