Joseph Assi began editing film at the age of 14. He was living, at the time, in a Lebanese refugee camp for Palestinian refugees, in which he was born and raised.

His talent and focus on academics and film led to a scholarship at the University of the Holy Spirit - Beirut, graduating with a BA in Film.  Awarded a second scholarship from the University of St. Joseph - Beirut, he gained a Masters in Cinematography.  He is the first in his family to be educated and the first Palestinian refugee to be awarded scholarships from both of these prestigious schools.  


He, then, pursued a second Major in Pure Physics at the National Science Academy - Beirut.    

In his first year, Palestinians were banned from majoring in astrophysics and electro-mechanical engineering.  

Unable to finish that major he began working on a documentary, 'Cluster Bombs for Breakfast", an experience that required, at one point, airlifting his film crew by helicopter from a mine -field.  

He worked as a news and story editor for LBCI before moving to the Academy of Arts & Sciences, Beirut, to teach Editing & Script Development.  He was not yet 25 years old.

He was chosen to be a main character in a 2010 documentary, On the Road, which allowed him to come to America to work on a series of Intercultural Award winning documentaries in Los Angeles.


He has been working with Heyou Media on developing web series New Media content and recently joined the faculty of TheFilmSchool in Seattle, teaching editing for new media storytelling.


Typical of his work ethic, Assi, has mastered every aspect of new media technology and shares with students, his seasoned talent and an extraordinary work ethic broadened and deepened by his life experiences…