Heyou Curation Festival




The Heyou Curation Festival is an incredible opportunity...

With Distribution partners around the world, Heyou is inviting all filmmakers to submit their content to Heyou Curation Festival.

The Heyou Curation Festival is an opportunity for filmmakers to expand their audience and get their work distributed around the world.

What is The Curation Festival?

It is Heyou's way of merging new media content and traditional broadcast. 

The idea is to curate content from young filmmakers, new media creators, and social media stars

then package that content for TV and platforms distribution in the US and around the world.

Why curation?

A lot of content is sitting around on filmmakers shelves, on Youtube or Vimeo channels not getting any viewership or receiving any revenue.

Heyou is changing that. With the Curation Festival, you submit your content, and we will review and--if it meets our standards--curate and frame for a distribution deal.

How does it work?

Once the content is submitted and accepted, Heyou will program it into its TV and OnDemand channels. The more viewership you get on your content, the more revenue you receive. You create the content and Heyou provides the distribution to multiple platforms internationally. 

Worried about the legal stuff?

As a filmmaker, you are always concerned about ownership of your content.

This is why Heyou makes it very easy for to understand:

  1. There is no submission fee.

  2. There are no hidden fees or future fees

  3. This is a non-exclusive deal.

  4. Heyou will not own your content.

  5. This deal is not perpetual.

  6. You will receive 50% of net revenues.

  7. Heyou has the right to polish your content (if needed).

  8. Heyou has the right to package your content. (TV Time Blocks)

  9. You have the right to sell your content again (No time restrictions)

  10.  You will be updated periodically. 

  11. You have to create an account with Heyou.


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